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We wish to cordially welcome you to our consulting center “handicap”!

Our team provides information, advice, and support to work councils (BR), staff councils (PR), employee representatives (MAV), as well as advocates for disabled employees (SBV). Our services cover a variety of issues, such as inclusion in the work environment, laws concerning the disabled, integration management at the work place and demographic change.

Our primary consulting issues include

  • Encouraging the employment of people with disabilities
  • Employer council agreements intended to further inclusion
  • The election of representatives for disabled employees (SBV)
  • Basic concepts of the Sozialgesetzbuch IX (SGB IX) andthe new Bundesteilhabegesetz (BTHG)
  • Introduction to and implementation of (re-)integration management at the work place
  • Operating agreements
  • Supplementary assistance in case management
  • Support available on request through special services, institutions for rehabilitation,
  • Changes in demographics

All services we offer are free of charge, and we will be more than happy to come and visit you at your location and convenience.    

We offer educational workshops and can also provide you with information concerning other possibilities for pursuing advanced training or reintegration assistance.

 Take advantage of all our services! We’re here for YOU!

Our consulting center is sponsored by funds from Hamburg’s municipal office for integration.