Qualification throughout Europe

Our ESF Projects

The European Social Fund (ESF) is supporting vocational training and qualification as well as international exchange of employees, job seekers and trainees in Europe. It is targeting the enhancement of participants’ professional perspectives and the long-term qualification of especially disadvantaged groups. To this end, the ESF is allocating financial means to non-governmental organisations, charities, public administration and social partners for their respective projects.

Arbeit und Leben has been implementing ESF projects successfully for years. Right now, these are:

"Wege ins Ausland für alle" and "Make it in Hamburg". In addition "Wege ins Ausland für alle" ist supported by the Hamburger Institut für berufliche Bildung (HIBB), the Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation (BWVI), the Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration (BASFI), the Behörde für Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz (BGV), the Handwerkskammer and the Senatskanzlei Hamburg.