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Learning abroad

Professional experience for trainees

An internship abroad provides trainees with the opportunity to expand their qualifications, to socialise and gather international experience. Depending on arrangement, the internship can last from two weeks to twelve months and can be realised in all European countries as well as in Turkey and St. Petersburg.

So far, there are co-operation programmes with many companies and vocational schools. Consequently, procedures, target countries and durations of stays abroad generally are in place.

If you have any questions, please contact your teachers and trainers or talk to us directly. If there aren’t any arrangements yet with your company or vocational school, feel free to contact us.


Participation is supported by the EU programme Erasmus+. This programme provides you with a sponsorship as financial support for travel, accommodation and food during your stay. The amount depends on the duration of your stay abroad and your target country.

How to apply

According to agreements with your company or vocational school, you hand in your application documents. Forms can be downloaded here. A form for a European curriculum vitae (Europass) can be downloaded here, a tutorial-video here.

The internship will start three months after we have received your application at the earliest.

For a binding registration for a Ersmus+ sponsorship, a financial contribution will be due in advance. This amount will be reimbursed completely with your sponsorship during your stay abroad. Please seek individual counselling.


All trainees are attended to by one of our partner organisations abroad, which is taking care of adequate internships and accommodation and is also available for all questions during your entire stay. Exception: Trainees who are placed in a branch office or partner enterprise of their company.

Preparatory day

For all participants, participation in our inter-cultural preparatory day is mandatory. Customarily, this is taking place close to the beginning of your internship. We will coordinate the exact dates with you.