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Acting resonsibly - supporting inclusion

Participation in work life

Often there ist a huge gap between the equal participation in the social life at work, to which people with disabilities are entitled, and the reality in companies.

There are many ways to improve the situation  for these colleagues – especially through representative bodies for disabled employees (SBV). The SBV can contribute to the company’s positive attitude towards inclusion, as well as support  the creation and preservation of jobs for people with disabilities.
„Handicap“ provides advice and information for representative bodies for disabled employees (SBV), work councils (BR), staff councils (PR) and employee representatives (MAV) regarding participation and policy for people with disabilities in the work environment.

Our advice includes the following topics:

  • Election of a representative body for disabled employees (SBV)
  • Basic concepts of the Sozialgesetzbuch IX (SGB IX)
  • Assignments, rights and duties of representative bodies for disabled employees (SBV)
  • Annual assembly of disabled employees
  • Inclusionagreements (Inklusionsvereinbarungen)
  • Available support regarding education and employment of people with disabilities and configuration of healthy work places
  • Legal rights of disabled employees and employees placed on an equal footing with them (Gleichstellung)
  • Options of support through special services (Integrationsfachdienste) and Hamburg’s municipal office for integration (Integrationsamt)
  • Basics of cooperation