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An issue for all companies

Operational rehabilitation management (BEM)

Regardless of the company’s size and industrial sector, all employers are obliged to apply operational rehabilitation management (BEM) according to social code § 167 (Sozialgesetzbuch IX).

BEM is an element of the employer‘s fiduciary duty towards sick employees. It does not exclusively apply to people with disabilities, but to every employee who (continuously or repeatedly) reports sick for more than six weeks.

Preserving jobs

The purpose of BEM is to develope a strategy for overcoming the present inability to work as well as to find appropriate support to prevent repeated sickness in future. At the same time, jobs are to be preserved and the competences of sick employees put to use in a sensible way.

Focus on health

The focus of this process (BEM) is on employees‘ health and thus their employability and carry out work related duties. The intention is to restore, reinforce and preserve their ability to work after  long-term illnesses.

We provide information and counselling on the following:

  • Introduction and implementation of operational rehabilitation management (BEM)
  • Operating agreements regarding operational rehabilitation management (BEM)
  • Assistance with case management
  • Available support programmes by Integrationsfachdienst (IFD), rehabilitation institutions and Hamburg‘s municipal office for integration (Integrationsamt)