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Seminar programme

Insights – experiences – perspectives

In this year as well, we are organising numerous programmes on educational leave outside Hamburg. From the Wadden Sea to Weimar, from London to Oslo. Our event series include short excursions, seminars and lectures dealing with up-to-date subjects in Hamburg.

Preparatory meeting

In preparation of seminars lasting several days or more, normally a preparatory meeting is taking place where you can obtain detailed information and meet the trainers and other seminar participants.

Individual arrival

In our experience, individual journeys to seminars are frequently less expensive than group journeys. Therefore, most participants are happy planning their arrival individually. We are not offering group journeys to or from our seminars anymore, but are gladly supporting organisation and providing information if required.

Notes and special features

With some of our seminars, special conditions apply. For instance, there are seminars offering child care or you have to bring your own bike. Please read seminar descriptions carefully and don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.